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Zangi Messenger APK Download for Android Phones

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At the present age, smartphones give you more freedom to break away from imposed rates and to save money. Thanks to VoIP technology, there’re ways in which you can cut cost on text messages using your Android phone, avoiding the often exorbitant text rates of GSM operators. If you are part of the crowd who don’t like paying for text SMS apps, you can try the application named as ‘Zangi Messenger’ – the safest & most reliable free messaging tool that works efficiently everywhere. Committed to bringing people nearer, Zangi offers easy multimedia functions, video calls, group chats and much more.

When using Zangi app, you can enjoy free HD video calls, instant messaging and crystal clear audio calling to one or more of your contacts. Full end-to-end encryption makes calling & messaging friends, family, or even work colleagues truly secure. End-to-end encryption means that no one has access to your conversation expect you. Moreover, Zangi makes sure your contacts and messages logs are not stored on its servers so to take safety a step further.

Zangi Messenger - androidapkcloud.com (5)            Zangi Messenger - androidapkcloud.com (5)

There’re multiple reasons on why to use Zangi Messenger and important of them are mentioned below:
1- Ability to make high-quality audio and video calls.
2- Experience a clear connection even with relatively poor 2G/EDGE internet connection.
3- Enjoy free high-definition video chats with amazing resolution and saturated real-life colors.
4- When using data roaming, you can turn on the “Low Data Usage” to stay securely connected and avoid extra expenses. Also, you can lengthen your call for up to 7 minutes using only 1MB of the internet.
5- Experience the lightning fast speed of app’s quick text messaging.
6- Share exciting videos, files, photos, and locations through just one touch anytime and anywhere.
7- If you’re a left-handed mobile phone user, you can benefit from Zangi’s full support capability.
8- Personalize your text SMS with a wide selection of fascinating stickers & emojis which are all free.
9- Enjoy free incoming calls while abroad with its ‘Call Forwarding’ option.

Zangi Messenger - androidapkcloud.com (5)  Zangi Messenger - androidapkcloud.com (5)
Another good thing about the Zangi app is that it happened to be very light on resources and will not drain your phone’s battery life. Using that app will let you call any phone number with meager calling rates.
Download Zangi Messenger APK here.

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