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weather timeline apk www.androidapkcloud.com

Weather Timeline APK – Free Weather App for Android

The description of Weather Timeline APK – Free Weather App for Android

weather timeline apk www.androidapkcloud.com

If you are being a mobile phone user wanted to change the look of your weather widget then you can go for the “Weather Timeline” which is one of the most beautifully designed weather apps that available currently.

Which is the added level of customization by the Weather Timeline?

Fortunately for the Android users, this service brings the newest climate updates in a very simple and representative way. Although there are plenty of other apps available, but what’s special about Weather Timeline is that it fits a particular aesthetic which is often ignored by the rest.

Which is the added level of convenience by Weather Timeline?

This application carries so many options, i.e., from modifying the look with preset themes to modelling the notifications on rain and humidity.

What key features are available in Weather Timeline?

This climate forecasting application costs no more than a dollar to keep you updated with the latest of temperature, rain, time, etc. Some of the very key features of this service are described below in detail.
1- Realistic forecasts:
This weather-informing service is a dedicated source for local forecasts, as well as enables its users to add places that they want to visit in the near future.
2- Brief description of locations:
It brings to its users the related information for their favorite places located around the world. For a more unobstructed view of the report, Weather Timeline shows all the data in a convenient, colorful block where colors indicate the surroundings and icons & small chunks label the wind speed, humidity, etc.
3- 24/7 forecasts:
The Weather Timeline has a ladder leading you to what’s going to happen in the next 24 hours. This ladder can be clicked to get an hour-to-hour chart describing the upcoming climate events.
4- Rain tracking radar:
Next to ladder is a radar for realistic insights on forthcoming rainy hours. This radar can look even brighter when seen in the wide angle.

APK download for Weather Timeline:

To our understanding, the most efficient way to quickly use this application is by downloading it in the APK format through the APK link provided below.

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