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Walking for Weight Loss – Walk Tracker Free APK Download

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Walking for Weight Loss_Apk Dwonload_Androidapkcloud.com


A handy addition to the unique array of professional weight losing apps, the ‘Walking for Weight Loss – Walk Tracker’ is designed & developed, essentially, to give your body its true shape.

The App comes with various walking exercises with a speed-up method that helps effectively burn fat and lose weight in a short time.
Why use the Walking for Weight Loss?
Well, they’re programs you can download to keep track of various lifestyle habits. But using the Leaf Fitness Group’s App is a comprehensive weight-loss program which can help you crush your weight loss goals for good. For example, in a study conducted by the Northwestern University, the people who were already attending the nutrition classes and then added the fitness & nutrition trackers to their weight-loss arsenal were better able to lessen their weight and keep it off compared to those who didn’t track.
After all, knowledge is power. And Walking for Weight Loss App is all about creating awareness, and clearing about what you are eating and what you’re burning. Also, it monitors how active you really are throughout the day.

Walking for Weight Loss_Apk Dwonload_Androidapkcloud.comWalking for Weight Loss_Apk Dwonload_Androidapkcloud.com

There’s also another significant reason to try using the Walking for Weight Loss App. And that is if you think that a couple of sessions at the gym will help you work off those Thanksgiving pounds, then you need to think again. For instance, a new study has shown that when it’s to lose mass, training alone is unpromising to do the trick – for women, at least.

Essential weight losing features of the Walking for Weight Loss App:

This app suits various excise goals and workout levels. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can search workouts that are suitable for you.
The App supports both outdoor exercises and indoor treadmill workouts.

1- Professional Workout Plan:
> 3-months training idea, with 3-7 workout days a week.
> 3 different workout levels, suitable for both beginners and pros.
> Audio guide for every workout.
2- Detailed Workout Tracking:
> GPS map to track the walking route.
> Records training progress automatically.
> Chart to display your mass trend.
> Tracks distance, calorie, space and time.
3- Powerful Music Playing Function:
> All kind of music apps.
> Your favorite songs from your own playlists.
> Ability to switch tracks while you’re exercising.
> Cheering voice and favorite music to help you stay motivated.
4- Source of motivation:
> Provides plenty of TIPs regarding fat burning, balanced diet, and weight loss.
> Shares your walking routes and achievements with friends through the social network.

Walking for Weight Loss_Apk Dwonload_Androidapkcloud.com
Overall, Walking for Weight Loss not only a simple tracker but the best calorie counter, interval training timer, distance tracker, and activity tracker for you to get your calories burned, lose fat and improve health.

Free APK Download of the Walking for Weight Loss App from the Leaf Fitness Group:

In case, you want to download the App in APK; you can go to the link provided below

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