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untapped - Discover Beer_APK Download_Androidapkcloud.com

Untapped – Discover Beer Free APK Download

The description of Untapped – Discover Beer Free APK Download

untapped - Discover Beer_APK Download_Androidapkcloud.com

Wanted to share the great breweries, beers, and venues with your loved ones, then do that with the Untapped App from the untapped developers.
Why use the Untapped – find beer:
As beer enthusiasts, we love sharing our discoveries with friends and finding out what’s on top before we got to the bar.
When in a new city, the typical thing we seek out is to find a good bar. While Google Maps is handy for such things. Untapped for Android offers a fun way to stay connected with fellow craft beer lovers, find new brews, breweries, bars, and earn badges.
What this application actually does is that it lets you record each of the brews you’ve just tried, along with a rating and tasting note.
How to get started with Untapped – find the bear?
Once you’ve decided to use this App, you can sign-up and create a login or connect with Facebook. And you can do this either in the app or on a desktop, which is nice!
Apart from creating a username and password, you’ll need to provide your name, email address, location, date of birth and the gender. After you’ve provided all of that information, you will check a box to prove you’re not a robot, as asked by most of the apps nowadays.
Now finally, you have to verify your email and download the app.
The functionality of the Untapped –find beer:
At the top of every screen, there’s total of five icons representing the following:
> Activity feed
> Search nearby
> Add friends
> View profile and notifications.

untapped - Discover Beer_APK Download_Androidapkcloud.comuntapped - Discover Beer_APK Download_Androidapkcloud.com

The activity feed page is characterized by messaging bubbles which initially appears to be an inbox. When seen with care, you’ll find that it’s actually a commenting bubble where you and your friends can easily chime in on each other’s check-ins.
The commenting bubble has a total of three tabs; global, nearby, and friends.
– The global tab helps you view the activity from all over the world.
– Nearby shows you what’s happening around you.
– And the friends tab displays the activity as well as that of anyone you’ve connected within the App.
With Untapped App, you actually check into the beer that you’re drinking. And for this, you use the search button at the very top of the menu screen. Once clicked, you’re likely to type your beer into the search bar, pick it from the results, and hit check in. After that, you can add your location, add a picture, leave tasting notes, rate the beer, or even share your check-in on social media networks like the Facebook & the Twitter.
So, if you like, you can be truly specific about where you’re drinking, even if you are sitting on a swing!
Check-in and rate beer:
Stay informed of what you’ve tried and what you thought of it by rating the beer.
Connect with friends:
Find new friends by simply typing their full names or usernames. Invite friends from Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter, or just email them.
Drink new beers, and unlock badges:
Log more beers and start earning the badges. Expand your palate by trying new & unique beer styles!
Explore nearby popular bars, breweries, and beers:
Not sure where to grab a pint? Let’s Untapped do the work by showing you the popular venues & bars nearby and what’s on tap.

Overall, Untapped is very easy-to-use and extremely helpful if you’re into craft beer.

Free APK Download of the Untapped – find bear:

You can almost seamlessly download the APK file of the App via the link given below.

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