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3D virtual reality for Android www.androidapkcloud.com

10 Best VR Apps for Android – 3D Virtual Reality for Android

The description of 10 Best VR Apps for Android – 3D Virtual Reality for Android

3D VR for Android www.androidapkcloud.com

Interactive computer-generated simulation is basic to the primary definition of Virtual Reality (VR). This technology, in general, is a three-dimensional image that can be interacted with in a seemingly physical or real way by a person using particular electronic equipment, like gloves fitted with sensors or a helmet with a screen inside.

What do VR apps offer?

To its essential core, Virtual Reality is a technology that helps generate some realistic sounds, images, and other sensations which can make you feel like you are physically present in an imaginary environment.

Finding the best VR apps for Android:

To enjoy this unique experience on an Android device, you just need a headset, and a platform or a set of props that the technology of Virtual Reality uses. These tools can be plugged into a phone so to access a screen where the environment you want to experience or participate in, is created.

List for 10 best VR apps for Android:

There is a list that features the Virtual Reality apps which have been ranked among the best VR apps for Android and suited for small to medium budgets and easy to download and use.
1- Within:

Within VR App www.androidapkcloud.com
One of the best apps to begin your journey in Virtual Reality is Within, which is a single platform to get access to the work of some of the finest VR creators worldwide.
Among other features of Within include the abundance of story-based immersive content in a variety of genres, like news, and documentaries. It even carries the popular service of Mr. Robot!
The use of earbuds or headphone is recommended to enjoy an immersive audio experience.
For more information and APK download of Within, click here.
2- Google Cardboard:

Google keyboard for android www.androidapkcloud.com
Developed by the Google, this VR app is set to put virtual reality on the screen of a smartphone. It does so through helping you launch your liked experiences, play VR games, discover new apps, and set up a viewer.
To use Google Cardboard on an Android device, users will require to run specific compatible applications on their phone, and view content via lenses. It is indeed a cost-effective VR viewer for smartphone users.
For more information and APK link of Google Cardboard, click here.
3- Google Arts & Culture:

Google Cardboard for android www.androidapkcloud.com
Another Virtual Reality app from Google is “Arts & Culture,” which takes its audience to the virtual tours to places of historical prominence, like old institutions, and museums.
To make exhibits available for everyone online, Google Arts & Culture brings creative works from more than 1200 international museums and institutions from over 70 countries.
For more information and APK link of Google Arts & Culture, click here.
4- BBC Earth: Life in VR:

BBC Earth: Life in VRThose who want to be a bit more informative in their Virtual Reality experience should get the BBC Earth app on their phones. This app is a Google Play Award-winning tool that enables its users to encounter the natural world in VR.
BBC Earth: Life in VR has the cartoonish animations which make it a perfect tool for young kids who will use it to learn a lot about life around them.
For more information and APK link of BBC Earth: Life in VR, click here.
5- InCell VR:

Incell VR APK www.androidapkcloud.com
If you’re someone who is struggling to get a Virtual Reality app for educational purposes, you can use the InCell VR that is an action/racing game thrown into the mix of a highly unusual world of the carefully recreated human cell.
InCell VR indirectly teaches you on how the human body reacts when taking down to the cellular level and helps you understand what exactly goes on inside the building blocks of our body.
The stunning visuals, along with the gaming aspect, go a long way in ensuring that a user will definitely learn if not a lot than at least some interesting things about cells and their components.
For more information and APK link of InCell VR, click here.
6- Star Chart:

star chart APK www.androidapkcloud.com
This application is another VR app that provides a magical start gazing experience like no other. The app does so by letting you look into the eyes of your Android device to view a virtual window into the whole visible universe.
Start Chart is that rare Virtual Reality app which allows experiencing the human space exploration, something you might have just seen on YouTube or TV up until now.
For more information and APK link of Start Chart, click here.
7- Horizons:

Horizons VR app www.androidapkcloud.com
Those who are found of entertainment-based VR apps can try to use the Horizons app which lets its users enjoy the music along with controlling the visuals appearing on a smartphone’s screen.
What’s even surprising about Horizons is that it offers a series of interactive journeys based on the music of renowned producer Bonobo.
For more information and APK link of Horizons, click here.
8- NYT VR:

NYT VR App www.androidapkcloud.com
If you want a Virtual Reality app which might help you stay connected and up to date with almost everything that’s happening around the world, you should definitely try out NYT VR.
The prime specialty of this app is that the information and the experience that a user gain from it is almost unmatched. The reason for that is maybe because this app presents its award-winning New York Times films in an immersive 360-degree video experience.
For more information and APK link of NYT VR, click here.
9- Fulldive Virtual Reality:

Fulldive VR App www.androidapkcloud.com
This app is a social all-in-one Virtual Reality platform which is compatible with both Daydream and Cardboard headsets.
Fulldive VR is set to work as a social media app because it lets its users share the virtual reality content that they created on the platform. Some of the other social media features of this application include the ability to comment, react, and share, which means that the created VR content has a strong chance of going viral among VR enthusiasts worldwide.
For more information and APK link of Fulldive Virtual Reality, click here.
10- Wevr Transport:

wevr transport app www.androidapkcloud.com
Another feature-rich Virtual Reality application is the Wevr Transport that’s dedicated to bringing more immersive simulations into your life with its VR network.
This VR platform embraces the community-produced brave cutting edge virtual reality, as well as helps them find their audience.
For more information and APK link of Wevr Transport, click here.

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