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Slipstream Group Music Player APK Download

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slipstream - androidapkcloud.com

For smartphone users, finding free online music is a lot easier than it used to be. That means piracy is no longer the easiest way to listen to your favorite songs. With time, music streaming has grown up tremendously and is now among the best ways to listen to music. If you’re in the hunt to stream some melody, then do this with Slipstream – the only group music player of its kind that brings the human experience back to music. Not sure what to play next? You just don’t need to worry because Slipstream is also integrated with SoundCloud.

Offered by the developers of Scott Cypher from the US, Slipstream is designed to let you and nearby friends browse each other’s music libraries and vote on what plays next. You can discover your friends’ music achieves by song, album, artist, or playlist. With Slipstream your music and democracy go hand in hand as anyone can queue up music from any music library, and votes decided what plays next. When using this app, all tunes are output through one phone, therefore no Bluetooth pairing or cable swapping is require to hear your friend’s favorite songs.
slipstream - androidapkcloud.comKnowing that everybody has their own unique musical tastes and it’s virtually impossible to make the entire party happy with a playlist drawing from one person’s library, Slipstream Music Player allows everyone to contribute to the playlist by sharing their Android music collection in a few simple taps. Slipstream shines even more when a whole group is listening to the music, for example, in house parties, car rides, tailgating, and more.

Some of the other useful features of the app are mention below.

1- All music is played through one device, thus no need to worry about radio synching.
2- Explore your friend’s music collections.
3- Search quickly for artists, tracks, and albums on any device.
4- Vote on what songs play next.
5- Can be used without internet connection.
6- Listen and bookmark your favorite music on SoundCloud.
7- Play, pause and skip tracks from the lock screen or your car controls.
With Slipstream Group Music Player, don’t forget to favorite the song for future preference. Every time you use the app, you’ll see three different pages including the Queue page (displays upcoming songs), Search page (lets you search everyone’s libraries) and finally the SoundCloud page (makes you add streamable music to the mix.

slipstream - androidapkcloud.com
Here download Slipstream Group Music Player APK.

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