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SkyView – Stargazing App Free APK Download

The description of SkyView – Stargazing App Free APK Download

SkyView Free - androidapkcloud

The advent of smartphones has changed the way a lot of things are done, and informal stargazing is at the forefront of these advancements. Whenever it comes to using the astronomy apps, the first name that springs to our minds is SkyView Free from the Terminal Eleven. SkyView Free is an all-in-one stargazing and sky guide app which gives you a good idea of what to expect from a good app of that genre.

How SkyView works?

With SkyView Free, you don’t need to be an astronomer to find constellations or stars in the sky. You can go to the SkyView app on your device which will use your phone’s screen and sensors to give you an augmented reality look of what’s up in the sky.

Things that you’ll experience while using the SkyView Free:

1- Using your phone’s back camera, this app shows you the path followed by celestial objects as they move across the sky.
2- It tells you the names of the brightest objects in the airspace.
3- In case, you want to know the location of a specific object, you can enter its name, and the app will find it for you.
4- You can see favorite constellations as they fade in and out, locate planets in the solar system, witness satellite fly-bys, and discover the distant galaxies.

Prime features of the SkyView Free app:

SkyView Free - androidapkcloud

1- SkyView on the Apple Watch:
You can use this stargazing app on your Apple Watch. By doing that, you can have a quick status on what’s visible for you to see in the sky tonight. You can open the app to seamlessly see a time-ordered list of celestial body sightings, and use the configurable notifications to let your watch notify when it’s time to get outside and look up.
2- Explore all the constellations of the Zodiac:
Just point your device at the sky and find all 88 constellations, including all the constellations of the Zodiac and other famous ones like the Orion, Big Dipper, and the Southern Cross.
Search to find what stars makeup your sign and what planets are passing through your constellation.
3- Preserve your vision with night mode:
Turn on red and green filters and preserve your night vision when stargazing in low-light circumstances. Once you do that, you can stargaze at night for extended periods without blinding.
4- Augmented Reality (AR):
Use your phone’s camera to spot objects in the airspace, day or night.
5- Time Travel:
Hop to the future or the past and see the atmosphere at different times and dates.
6- Social:
If you’ve discovered any latest celestial body, you can share it with your friends & family via popular social media platforms like the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
7- Use without Wi-Fi:
Take it camping, boating, or even flying!
8- Support for multiple astronomical devices:
Using the SkyView Free will provide you support for Space Navigator, telescopes, and spotting scope.
In a nutshell, using the SkyView Free app will enable you to learn about the Universe in a whole new way.
If you’re interested in downloading this stargazing app, below is given a free APK link to SkyView Free.

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