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shadowsocks internet proxy for android www.androidapkcloud.com

Shadowsocks APK Free Download – Free Internet Proxy for Android

The description of Shadowsocks APK Free Download – Free Internet Proxy for Android

shadowsocks free internet proxy for android www.androidapkcloud.com

If you want to surf the internet more privately and securely, you can try using the Shadowsocks which is a high-performance multiple-platform socks5 proxy to protect your online activity.

Does Shadowsocks is a virtual private network?

This Chinese software is often mistaken as a VPN-based technology, but in reality, it works for some other functions than a traditional private network.

How Shadowsocks differs from a traditional VPN?

1- Shadowsocks, to its prime core, is an open-source SockS5-based proxy project, which is an intermediary not intended to give you anonymity nor protect your privacy while surfing.
2- It has the aim to somehow bypass the complex censorship laws in the Great Firewall of China.
3- Unlike a typical virtual private network, it is a highly customizable program which uses HTTPS to disguise a user’s online activity.
4- It doesn’t encrypt the traffic nor does it send this through a specific server. Instead, it works with many different TCP connections that make it much quicker than the competition, and at the same time, extra challenging for the authorities to identify as a masked connection.

Does Shadowsocks is a more reliable tool than a typical VPN?

Compared to a virtual private network, Shadowsocks carries advantages that make it a standout tool as a free, encrypted proxy for Android devices.
1- It has the primary goal to quickly navigate the past blocks which are imposed by the restrictive authorities.
2- It lets its users gain access to a high-speed connection to the Netflix. It does that by tunneling the server while a VPN is masking the location.
3- Shadowsocks offers ‘selective disguising of traffic’ which you can use to access restricted content both outside and inside of your location. That way it works as a VPN as well.

What can be a short description of the available features in Shadowsocks?

One biggest advantage of this private network is that it’s an entirely free and open source program with an extensive community dedicated to giving the ongoing support.
It works almost perfectly in terms of navigating geoblocks as well as other government restrictions. Shadowsocks can be used to access any blocked site in Chinese territory, i.e., it is perfect to unblock access to the Gmail in China.

How Shadowsocks can be used on an Android device?

To use it on an Android device, you first have to download it from the Google Play Store. However, if you need an even faster way to download this proxy, you can use the free APK LINK which lets you get the APK file under a few seconds.

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