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ProtonVPN APK Download – Free VPN for Android

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Swiss' VPN service for android www.androidapkcloud.com

If you are contemplating for some extra protection for your VPN connection, you can try to use the ProtonMail which is a community-dedicated private network for free and secure browsing of the restricted web.

How is ProtonVPN the more secure virtual private network?

It works by adding extra protection through routing the online traffic via a number of worldwide servers. It does so before the traffic leaves the network so even a high-tech snooper won’t be able to trace individual users.
Additionally, provision for forward secrecy means the service uses a different encryption key every session. This means that even if the key is compromised, it just can’t be applied to decrypt other traffic.

How Swiss laws help ProtonVPN?

ProtonVPN’s Swiss home provides it an instant privacy advantage over most of the competition. The country practices very strong privacy laws, and is outside of the US and EU jurisdiction. Also, it is not a member of the 14 eyes surveillance network.

What’s the advantage of being a ‘no logs VPN service’?

The developing firm of ProtonVPN states that it follows a ‘no logs policy,’ which means it will not track any of your internet activity, and hence, cannot disclose this information to any third party.

What’s the procedure to take a start with ProtonVPN?

This virtual private network allows you to associate your electronic mail address when you sign up. This email can be whatever you like, but if you want to remain entirely anonymous, you can use the ProtonMail to do this.

Does ProtonVPN is an entirely free to use network?

When signing up for a free plan, you won’t have to mention any payment methods. The open plan of ProtonVPN will give you access to one of your devices to a total of three virtual locations, with excellent speeds all over.

How quick was ProtonVPN in the Speed Tests?

When checked for performance, ProtonVPN provided average speed results on its free servers. Both the North American and European servers were always somewhere on the 30-40Mbps range.

What features does ProtonVPN offer to its free users?

While someone is using the free version of this Swiss-based virtual private network, he or she will get access to the following tools and features.
1- This private network is a P2P-friendly program, and lets you access the fastest server in a P2P-friendly location.
2- It supports up to ten devices ( and three devices in the free version).
3- This virtual private network has the DNS leak protection and built-in Tor support for accessing Onion sites.
4- ProtonVPN has the “internet kill switch” which avoids real IP address and data leak. This switch looks for any change of IP address, and change the slow working IP address to a swifter one.
5- It has a very professional looking interface which opens with a zoom-able world map.
How ProtonVPN can be used on an Android device?
To start using this app on an Android device, you first have to download it either from Google Play Store or from the free APK LINK which is given below on this page.

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