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proton mail free apk www.androidapkcloud.com

ProtonMail APK Download – Secure email for Android

The description of ProtonMail APK Download – Secure email for Android

proton mail free apk www.androidapkcloud.com

Encrypting the email with Google’s Gmail service can be a process, but this is not nearly as elegant as what ProtonMail offers. ProtonMail is a free email client, with more features and paid levels.
How is encryption made by ProtonMail?
The electronic mail encryption is thought to be easy, but in reality, it is not. It asks for a lot of practice and attention from the user, for example, it needs to create keys for the cipher, remember to click the “encrypt” button and contend with the fact that secure electronic letters are generally not searchable. That’s where the ProtonMail steps in as an easier-to-use end-to-end encrypted email for Android devices.
With its end-to-end encryption, the message is expected to get encrypted as soon as you send it, and it’s only decrypted when the recipient opens it. As the message can only be unlocked with the recipient’s own personal key, nobody in between will decode it.
What is the level of privacy and security by ProtonMail?
When an electronic message is sent to a recipient who does not use the ProtonMail, the sender will get the option to encrypt it with a password so he or she can reply using this key. That’s how this mail app protects the email content and user data before it reaches to the servers.
How ProtonMail is an open-source email client?
It recently had induced an application, ProtonMail Bridge, which provides end-to-end encryption to almost any android email client that supports SMTP and IMAP.
What key features are available in ProtonMail?
It offers all the convenience and features a user can expect, i.e., a nice rich-text editor and encryption of all attachments and inline images.
Another uniqueness of this electronic mail application is that it exists only in the encrypted form, and has over 2 million users worldwide.
It brings to its users a modern user-interface with a comprehensive set of innovative features like customizable swipes and the ability to transfer expiring emails.

A quick look at the critical features of ProtonMail:

1- All of the electronic data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.
2- All emails are encrypted and cannot be decrypted by any third party.
3- No personal information is required to create an account.
4- All of your email accounts are fully supported to other electronic mail providers.
5- Each of the services in this email is optimized to help you better read, send email, and organize.
6- It is fully compatible with all devices.

How to quickly download the APK?

It can be swiftly downloaded from the free APK link below.

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