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PKR 3D Poker app - androidapkcloud.com

PKR 3D – Poker Game App Free APK Download

The description of PKR 3D – Poker Game App Free APK Download

PKR 3D Poker app - androidapkcloud.com

Given the vast number of poker playing apps, it becomes pretty tricky knowing that which poker game app has some value and which is the complete waste of time. Whether you want to play online, transfer your funds, find local tournaments, or simply observe others, your most reliable bet will be to use the PKR 3D app – the most advanced online and mobile poker room available today.

How the PKR 3D works?

This a poker gaming app that uses state of the art, three-dimensional video game graphics to generate an ultra-realistic real money poker gaming atmosphere.

Things to know about PKR 3D:

While Android poker apps tend to differ regarding the featured games, available traffic or stakes, they all have one thing in common that is they still rely on the same two-dimensional set of somewhat abstract graphics. The good thing about the PKR 3D is that it has adopted a different approach which is introducing the 3D backgrounds and player avatars to create something similar in between a typical live game and traditional online poker.

Installation and system requirements for the PKR 3D:

The download size is about 400 MB which means that downloading the app without access to a fast internet connection is merely an exercise in frustration.
Also, running the PKR 3D client on an Android device with lower specs than the minimal described by the developers isn’t the best idea – the performance will be lackluster.
Nevertheless, if you have a speedy internet connection and the hardware necessary to run this monster of a poker client, you’ll soon realize that the entire download and installation practice is very simple and doesn’t require a lot of input from you at all!
PKR’s 2D version:
Apart from the 3D game, PKR also offers a 2D version with almost the identical features but in a 2D gaming environment. This 2D version is playable on Android, iPhone, and iPad, with an install file of only 50 MB!

Interface and features of PKR 3D:

PKR 3D Poker app - androidapkcloud.com

1- Require no-logging:
Once you’ve installed the app, you don’t even have to create an account on the site to check out the games, as the app itself allows you to get the good stuff without asking you to log-in, instead, by simply clicking the Browse as Guest button.
2- Well-designed lobby:
It boasts a well-designed dashboard that allows you to toggle between real and play money games. You can pick between cash games, instant play, and Sit & Co tournaments and access various customization options, including adjusting the sound options, selecting between the two-and-four-colored deck of cards and so on.
3- An extensive rules section for poker:
Unlike most of the other poker apps, PKR provides you with an extensive Rules section that lists almost all the information you might require to begin playing one of the poker variants supported by the app.
4- Variety of poker games:
PKR 3D has a more varied collection of card games than most other Android poker apps available in the market currently. The picks are Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, Pot Limit Omaha and the world’s most famous card game – No Limit Texas Hold’em.
5- Both paid and free card sports:
All the games are available in both case and Sit & Co versions and can be played heads-up, short-handed or full ring.

What’s new in the PKR 3D?

2- Both 2D & 3D environments.
3- £5 instant, new player bonus to try the app risk-free.
4- Real Money Ring Games and Texas Hold’em Sit & Co.
5- Table limit Omaha games available.
6- Now a part of the Microgaming Poker Network.
Overall, PKR 3D is widely regarded as a recreational poker app rather a high-roller paradise. All in all, it offers a surprisingly complete package which surely prevents the application from being a one-trick pony with no substance to back its spectacular graphics!

PKR 3D Poker app - androidapkcloud.com
To help download the app quickly, below we’ve provided a free APK link to the PKR 3D poker game.

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