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Love Balls Game APK Download

The description of Love Balls Game APK Download

Love Balls_APK Download_Androidapkcloud.com

Love Balls from the Lion Studios is a kid-friendly game that is aimed to be a clever physics-based puzzle game suitable for all ages. Despite the somewhat suggestive-sounding name, this app doesn’t have any inappropriate content.

Love Balls Gameplay:-

In the game, you have to draw a line on the screen to help two balls come together and eventually touch. These balls are in love, and it might help if you think of them as Julisphere and Romeball, star-crossed lovers who need your aid overcoming the obstacles in their life that avert them from being as one. Now the matter is that do you have the ability to bypass the valleys, spikes, and other environmental hazards to reunite these lovely loving balls?
Each level in the game is different, but the goal is always to get the two balls touch since they’re in love. In certain levels, the balls will move as soon as you finish drawing the first addition to the level. In other words, you will need to draw an outline that starts a ball moving. Mostly, you will need to draw one or two lines that bring the balls close to each other. More lines can be drawn if you’re having issues accomplishing the task.

Love Balls_APK Download_Androidapkcloud.com
There’re in-app purchases available in the Love Balls. You can use the in-game currency to buy new balls, pens and backgrounds, but that’s all earned through the play. This is nice, as you don’t need to worry that your kids spending cash in the game.
When playing the Love Balls Game on your mobile, you’re likely to see full-screen ads pop up randomly after you finish some puzzles. The more you watch the ads, more will be the chances to earn the in-game currency which you can use to buy items like the balls, pens and backgrounds. What’s more is the option to buy an ad-free version of the game.

Love Balls Tips & Tricks you need to know to beat the game:-

Love Balls_APK Download_Androidapkcloud.com


If you want to beat the levels with 3 stars, you will have to pay attention to how you solve a level. And for that, you must take care of the things mentioned below.
1- Lookout Your Ink Level:
There’s an ink level shown on the top of the screen and to get those three stars you will need to complete the level with minimal ink.
2- Try, Try Again:
If you think new approaches will pay you off, you can restart many times without any specific impact on your scorecard.
3- Plan for your Lines:
Draw lines so they bounce or drop rightly on parts of each level. You can experiment and learn how this works early on.
4- Think outside the Box:
Try using a lot of ink to keep the balls safe on tough levels.
With those above-mentioned tips, you’re likely to beat more levels and progress faster in the game. Also, you’ll be able to three star more levels and earn more coins.

Overall, Love Balls is a wholesome game that’s completely safe for kids and mature in any way.

APK Download of Love Balls:-

Here you can download free APK File of the Game via the link provided below.

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