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LIMBO APK Download

Limbo Video Game APK Download

The description of Limbo Video Game APK Download

LIMBO APK Download

The game was delivered in July 2010 on Xbox Live Arcade and has since been ported to several other systems including the Android.

More about the Limbo:-
The game is manifested in black-and-white tones, using film grain effects, lighting, and minimal ambient sounds so to generate an eerie atmosphere often linked with the horror genre.
Based on its aesthetics, Limbo gets classified as an example of video games as an art form. It won several, notable awards from industry groups after its release, and was titled as one of the top games for 2010 by various publications.
The Storyline of Limbo:-
The leading character of the game is a nameless boy, who awakens in the middle of a jungle on the “edge of hell.” While seeking his missing sister, he comes across a few human characters who either attack him, run away, or are deceased. At a certain point in his journey, that boy comes across a female character but is prevented from approaching her. The jungle eventually gives away to a crumbling city environment. On accomplishment of the final puzzle, the boy is thrown via a pane of glass and back into the jungle. After that, he walks a bit until he again faces a girl, who, upon his approach, stand up, and alarmed. At this point, the game abruptly ends.

The gameplay of Limbo:-

LIMBO APK Download

While playing Limbo, you’re set to control the boy throughout the game. The boy can jump, run left or right, climb onto short ledges and down ladders and ropes. Also, it can push or pull objects.
In Limbo, numerous physical and environmental hazards, like deadly bear traps and lethal monsters, get hidden by the dark visuals of the game. Among the dangers are glowing worms that fasten themselves to the boy’s head and make him move in only one direction until they are killed.
Limbo’s second half features the mechanical puzzles and traps using machinery, gravity, and electromagnets. Most of these traps are not visible until triggered, and often killed the character.

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Overall, Limbo can be categorized as a side-scrolling platformer filled with mind-bending physics puzzles. Everything in the game has been presented in grayscale silhouettes and has a graininess that recalls old horror films. The only sounds heard throughout the game are the boy’s footsteps, the occasional startlingly loud drone, and quite ambient noises.


The free APK of Limbo can be downloaded to play it on an Android device.
When it comes to pointing out the most exciting aspect of Limbo game, then the game’s wordless narrative springs to mind. From setting and journey to objectives and everything about Limbo is open to interpretation. The game’s makers seem to have spent enough time contemplating the meaning of the experience as they have programmed it. The result is a game that’s thought-provoking and evidence that interactive action can be used as a source of smart, artistic expression.
It’s scary, lonely as well as beautiful and arresting. The title of the game suggests that the setting is purgatory; nevertheless, the world’s intense isolation and multifarious dangers make it at times frightening enough to be confused with Hell.

LIMBO APK Download

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