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Light i Call Screen APK Download for Android Phones

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Apart from other main differences between Android and iOS, an important one is the way you can transform the look of Google’s operating system, down to the very last pixel. Alternative call screen apps re-skin Android, changing not just wallpaper, icons, colors, but the layout of the interface itself. The ‘Light i Call Screen,’ created by the KDV Developers at India, re-shapes Android to give it a distinctly Windows feel. It brings your most-used apps into one convenient screen, for instance, offering relaxed access to both recently accessed files, recent SMS and call interactions.
Light i Call Screen - androidapkcloud.com (2)If you’re getting bored with the old call screen theme or you’ve friends who use iPhone and brag about their impressive answer screen, you better use the newly launched ‘Light i Call Screen’ app for your Android phone. After you’ve installed the app, it doesn’t look like much has changed, but if you delve into the app’s settings you’ll get a high-level of customization for everything from the way that apps scroll to the positioning of icons on the home screen and the rest. When using the ‘Light i Call Screen’, you can make use of some advanced tools & features mentioned below:
1- You can set to enable incoming call screen.

Light i Call Screen - androidapkcloud.com (2)       Light i Call Screen - androidapkcloud.com (2)

2- Selectively enable outgoing call screen
3- Option to background from gallery
4- If you like seeing huge pictures of your contacts so you’re reminded of what they look when they call, you can do this by replacing the call screen with real HD pictures of your contacts.
5- You can effortlessly change incoming call ringtone
6- Change appearance of your current caller screen.
7- ‘Light i Call Screen’ allows you a full screen caller id for your incoming as well as outgoing calls.
To make your Android phone screen same as iPhone 6S, ‘Light i Call Screen’ comes with a very clean & attractive Design. The styling of the app won’t appeal to everyone, but there’re plenty of functions & features (i.e. theme packs) available to satisfy most Android users. To offer a bright, customizable, and colorful approach to your Android, the ‘Light i Call Screen’ app lets you choose from a bunch of snazzy widgets & themes.
Download Light i Call Screen APK here.

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