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KWGT Pro APK – Kustom Widget Maker for Android

The description of KWGT Pro APK – Kustom Widget Maker for Android

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A good widget can enhance both the usefulness and beauty of your mobile’s home screen. Keeping that in mind, Kustom Industries from Vicenza (Italy) has launched KWGT – the most potent widget creator ever!

Why use the KWGT Kustom Widget Maker?

Using that tool is expected to get you multiple astonishing widgets, e.g., widgets for calendar, weather, music, and more. That way KWGT helps you stay focused and productive throughout the day!

What’s unique about KWGT Kustom Widget Maker?

Overall it’s an Android theme and a Photoshop for widgets. You can use it to generate a widget layer by layer, piece by piece! With such level of control, users can craft whatever fit their tastes, needs, and ultimately their smartphones home screens.

Generating an Android theme from KWGT Kustom Widget Maker:

That widget creator contains a variety of items, from simple pieces like images and text to more complex Font Icons and Kustom Komponents.
Komponents in KWGT are customized blocks, like say a series of customized weather icons to match a particular theme. OR a pre-fabricated music widget where all you have to do is to adjust the colors and resize it to suit your widget box.
Kustom Komponents can be distributed throughout the Google Play Store. That’s the way you can easily find them, as well as buy and download them without any trouble.

Prime Features of KWGT Kustom Widget Maker:

1- Variety in the text:
Text with custom colors, fonts, sizes and effects.
2- Multiple shapes:
Shapes can be generated, including rects, arcs, ovals, exagons, and triangles.
3- Zooper like elements:
Zooper-based progress series and bars are available.
4- Overlay effects:
Layers with overlay effects like photo editors/ pro image.
5- Status bar notifications:
You’ll get the text, images package name and so on.
6- Numerous file formats:
JPG/WEBp/PNG image support with built-in picture scaler.
7- Support for Google Fitness:
You’ll get segments, steps, distance, sleep, and calories from Google Fitness.
8- Dynamic content via HTTP:
Live maps, weather, and more can be downloaded via HTTP.
9- Native music utilities:
The service offers utilities, such as current playing song title, cover, and album.
10- Weather updates:
You will receive climate reports from weather providers like Yr.No, Darksky, Open Weather Map, more.

About KWGT Pro:

The pro version of Kustom Widget Maker gives you the following additional features.
1- No commercial ads.
2- Support for dev.
3- Unlock import from SD and all external skins.
4- Support for Buzz Launcher.
5- Recovery for presets.

How to download latest APK of KWGT – Kustom Widget Maker for Android?
Downloading the APK is quite simple. Well, you can get it by just clicking the free APK link that we’ve provided below.

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Latest Version:
v3.18b615717 [Pro]
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KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

Previous Versions

Version 3.36b825516
KWGT Pro APK – Kustom Widget Maker for Android
Version 3.36b825516
KWGT Pro APK – Kustom Widget Maker for Android
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