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Knock Lock – AppLock Screen APK Download for Android Phones

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Are you get bored of your Android phone lock screen and want to have more features in it? It’s recommended that you must try out Knock Lock (AppLock Screen) – a new way of locking devices that everyone has been waiting for. Knock Lock comes as the most advanced Lock screen for your Android devices committed to leaving intrudes baffled.
It’s important to know that lock screen isn’t just on Android phones to look good, instead, it’s an essential navigational screen that you can use to jump straight to the features you use the most. The standard lock screens are somehow fine, but using an app like Knock Lock may make unlocking your phone more fun & functional. The app includes Pattern Lock aimed to unlock your device without disclosing your password.

Offered by the Breakout Games from India, Knock Lock app is beautified by custom date and time formats with the awesome high-definition wallpapers. When using the application, the path to unlocking is hidden, and only you’re able to access your smart device and prevent unauthorized or forced access. Some of the highly appreciated features of the Knock Lock screen lock are briefly described below:
1- Ability to restrict unauthorized access
2- Helpful in avoiding accidental calling or butt dialing.
3- Stop others from using your mobile phone or other devices.
4- Offers an invisible path to unlock pattern.
5- Shines even more due to its superbly rich graphics.
The developers of Knock Lock app believe that changes are a part of life. Hence they work on the application regularly to make it more efficient & regular. In a nutshell, Knock Lock offers the highest amount of customization, letting you play with your lock screen until every aspect is entirely the way you’d dreamed. To submit your feedback on this app, a user can visit it on Facebook at http//:facebook.com/gamebreakout or follow it on Twitter at https://twitter.com/BreakoutG
Download Knock Lock – AppLock Screen APK here.

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