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Horizon Chase - World Tour APK Download

Horizon Chase – World Tour APK Download

The description of Horizon Chase – World Tour APK Download

Horizon Chase - World Tour APK Download

A tribute to Classic Arcade Racers, the Horizon Chase – World Tour is presented to you by the Aquiris Game Studio S.A.

At a flash, you could assume that the game is just another two-bit racing game not worth its salt. However, that’s not at all the case, and in fact, it’s the exact opposite. The developer manages to rake a bare-bones style racing while keeping the interest factor for more than just a few races.
How the Horizon Classic – World Tour is different from its previous version?
This game is a modern take on classic racing games like F-Zero and Top Gear. Visually, it’s not anything very exceptional, but it was designed to match the simplistic play-style. Actually, the Aquiris Game Studio was on a mission while developing the Horizon Chase. They wanted to redevelop the classic racing games like Top Gear, Outrun, Jaguar XJ220, and others from the late 1980s and early 1990s. Finally, they able to create a game that amazingly offers the feel of the racing games of 25 years ago. Leaving the annoying aspects of those games, creating this wonderful hybrid that shows they managed to design their dream game.
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The basic gameplay of the Horizon Chase – World Tour is about arcade-style racing, with physics that aren’t necessarily wholly unrealistic, but inevitably feature some canned responses to actions. For example, you’re likely to get spin out when hit a wall. If you want to keep up your speed, then don’t try to rear-end your cars ever!
In Horizon Chase – World Tour, you can experience plenty of detail between the various different tracks you play through the game, which gives a variety of visuals effects to prevent things from getting bland. On top of that, you’ve got a surprisingly sleek and nicely designed UI to help give it that modern look regardless of taking away from the classic feel.
You travel to several different fascinating cities across the globe, each with its own unique tracks. You’ll be able to unlock new tracks through a certain number of currency which is earned by completing the races. The amount of currency that you receive for every race has a maximum cap, and you can’t get anything from that specific race once you’ve reached the cap. Achieving the maximum score must be done in one attempt of the track, meaning only a new high-score will beneficial.
In Horizon Chaser – World Tour, scoring is determined by the three different factors, including the place in the race (85%), the number of coins you collect (10%), and the quantity of fuel that you have at the end of the race (5%). This mechanic enables the skilled players to advance quicker through the game by having the sound races, and also gives a cause to re-visit the previous races that sill have points left on the table.
Things stay fairly challenging in the Horizon Chase – World Tour, except for the first couple of races being straightforward. For the most part, your attention should be on avoiding running into the back of cars coming behind you. Also, you better execute your turns without losing the speed.
Fuel can easily be ignored on certain tracks but can be vital on others. The location of the fuel is what can be a hurdle.
Overall, you don’t need to be a huge fan of racing games, modern or classic, to enjoy the simplistic and addictive gameplay of the Horizon Chase. So what’re you waiting for? Download the APK of the Game from the APK link provided below and challenge your car racing skills throughout the Game.

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