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Eva from Voicera (AI Assistant) Free APK Download

The description of Eva from Voicera (AI Assistant) Free APK Download

Eva from Voicera (AI Assitant)_APK Download_Androidapkcloud.com

We have tons of personal assistant apps in the space, including offerings from Google, SoundHound, Microsoft, among others. Voicera is the company that has developed the “Eva,” an artificial intelligence meeting recorder that is aimed to change the way ‘how you are meeting with people.’
What’s the major function of Eva App?
At its basic core, Eva is a voice recorder. With it, you can invite people to dial into teleconferences or simply call them during an official gathering.
What Eva does is that it listens to your words – words related to action items, numbers, follow up tasks, people and more. Once your meeting is over, that Artificial Intelligence tool scans the voice recording for those words and pull out the audio highlights.
How to get started with the Eva from Voicera?


Once installed, Eva requires you to sign up with Microsoft, Google or a separate account. After you’ve signed up, you’ll get access to the Eva phone numbers and email, and that’s all you need to get going. Having a teleconference with a dial-in number? Just add Eva email to the invite list, and it’ll dial in all by itself.
After your meeting, the App takes a few minutes to process your audio. When this is done, you can see that it has created a searchable word cloud of the major topics plus a list of action items words, questions references, number references and more. You can listen to the entire meeting, and even add collaborators and continue to search for meeting points.

Some of the highlights from the Eva App:

Eva from Voicera (AI Assitant)_APK Download_Androidapkcloud.comEva from Voicera (AI Assitant)_APK Download_Androidapkcloud.com

> AI-powered speech-to-text transcribes live conferences and highlights significant moments like follow-ups.
> Captures both meetings with an in-person and dial-in discussion.
> Calendar view of all upcoming conferences from your work calendar.
> Offers the Quick Launch record function to record in-person meetings while on the fly.
> Ability to access previous meetings
> Conference highlights are easily shareable via email, SMS, Slack and any messaging app
> Remote Control feature to view rapid transcripts and predictive highpoints for meetings in progress!
The reason why Eva from Voicera is getting popular:
In today’s business world, there’s a platform which we’re hoping to grow quite a bit is “voice.” The vision behind that is really to use voice to almost be that kind of advisor in the middle, suggesting options that you could have for that particular day. It would make things even easier!
Along with voice, there’s another area of interest – the Artificial Intelligence (AI). The predictive capability of AI comes in handy because it allows you to know…two days before, let’s say if it’s raining or depending on the weather how much demand you’re going to have and thus make sure that you have enough drivers to accomplish that demand.
If there’s one line to describe the Eva from Voicera, then it will like “Eva is a lifesaver.”

APK Download of Eva from Voicera:

The free to download APK file of Eva App is available via the link given below.

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