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Duolingo APK Download for Android Phones

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Duolingo - androidapkcloud.com

As an Android user, it’s preferable to keep your eyes open for new platforms & apps for learning foreign languages. After all, in a world that is turning increasingly multicultural, being multilingual is a handy skill. In case, you’re trying to find out a good app that can let you learn and make the process easier; you can try Duolingo – the world’s most popular learning program that thousands of teachers are already using to enhance their lessons. Learning with Duolingo is both fun & addictive. From beginning to end, its language learning support is entirely free of cost.

Duolingo is currently offering learning access to over twenty distinct languages including Spanish, Irish, Vietnamese, German and more. One of app’s primary claim to fame is the use of gaming concept. Unlike many other programs, Duolingo employs XP and leaderboards where you learn various new languages while playing little games that show you grammar & vocabulary. The developers boast nearly 34 hours of playing that is about equal to a semester period in a college.

Duolingo - androidapkcloud.comDuolingo - androidapkcloud.com

When using Duolingo on your smart device, you’ll find plenty of reasons why it’s one of the most popular language apps around. Well, it is free, well-designed, and easily accessible. Lessons are broken down into bite-sized chunks that make you feel like you’re learning a random mix of information, often through repetition. Some of the other prominent features of Duolingo app include:
1- Read, Listen, Speak – each lesson contains a wide variety of speaking, listening, translation, and several choice challenges
2- In-Lesson Grading – quickly see which answers you get right. When you miss a challenge, the app will instantly show you how to improve
3- Streak Out – motivates you to stay on track by recording how many days in a row you spend learning a language
4- Hearts – keep your lessons alive. You’re likely to lose them when you respond incorrectly. In case you’re out of hearts, start over and try again

Duolingo - androidapkcloud.comDuolingo - androidapkcloud.com

The most productive means of procrastination ever developed, Duolingo makes your breaks & commutes more prolific, and with its social aspects, it’s easy to learn a language with friends too.
Here download Duolingo (learn free languages) APK for free.

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