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Deer Hunter 2018 APK Download

Deer Hunter 2018 APK Download for Android Phones & Tablets

The description of Deer Hunter 2018 APK Download for Android Phones & Tablets

Deer Hunter APK Download

Presented by the creators of Deer Hunter 2014, the Deer Hunter 2018 is a return to wild and hunt across the globe in the world’s most exciting hunting experience. It’s a dream come true for all you avid hunters or irrational haters of Bambi (1942 Drama/Fantasy).

The storyline of the Deer Hunter 2018:-

Once you’ve opened the app, you’ll find yourself standing in the middle of a forest with a bolt rifle resembling sniper. You go for shooting the deer for 200$. An impressive slow-motion animation emerges as the bullet exits the barel and amazingly hits the Bambi in the face with a sound of BOOM! The Deer collapses dramatically while letting off a quite frankly hilarious dying sound which can be described as a “wet fart.”

What’s unique about the Deer Hunter 2018?

Deer Hunter APK Download for Android

Don’t let yourself fooled with the name Deer Hunter, because in the next mission, the game enables you even to kill a sheep. As mentioned before you earn money and experience with every kill which you can spend for a better rifle, and what else do you need anyway?
A sudden twist comes later in a game where you are needed not just to shoot the evasive deer (which hardly moves in play), but you also require to hit him in the lungs or any other specific organ of the unfortunate animal. There’s no valid logic why would you aim for particular organs except the black market organ garnering and focus on the “infrared” vision you get to do so a kind of a combination of night vision and X-Rays.
While you’re playing the Deer Hunter, the game is likely to pick up the pace where you hunt the full-grown Kodiak bear, or he hunts you! Mr Bear doesn’t go down with one shot so make sure you are mentally prepared for a brutal encounter in the frozen forests of Alaska. Once you sum it all up, you get infrared night vision bear hunting with assault rifles and Silence of the lambs’ organ harvesting adventure you shouldn’t miss.

Deer Hunter 2018 - APK Download - Androidapkcloud.com

Key features of the Deer Hunter 2018:-

1- Hunt around the world:-
You can manage hunting in multiple unique and beautiful locations that span the globe from Zimbabwe to Alaska.
2- Bag Big Game Animals:-
Hunt animals so real that they nearly jump off the screen and track down and bag the world’s most exclusive and exotic game.
3- Shoot like a pro:-
Develop a steady hand, master the skills, line up your sights to take the perfect shot.
4- Get them before they get you:-
Take down predators before you become the victim.
5- Collect trophies:-
Bag the biggest animals with Google Play leaderboards and achievements.
6- Build your arsenal:-
Collect and customise your firearms with barrels, magazines, and stocks as you perfect your weapons for every hunt.
Overall, Deer Hunter 2018 is a free to play adventure, and you can pick to play real money for certain extra items.

Deer Hunter 2018 - APK Download - Androidapkcloud.com      Deer Hunter 2018 - APK Download - Androidapkcloud.com

APK Download of the Deer Hunter 2018:-

You can play the Deer Hunter 2018 on your Android phone or tablet by downloading the APK file via the APK link provided below.

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