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Cut the Rope Free APK Download

The description of Cut the Rope Free APK Download

Cut the Rope_APK Download_Androidapkcloud.com

Cut the Rope from the ZeptoLab is a simple, yet challenging strategy type game featuring a cute green monster named “Om Nom” who wants candy all the time.
With the mysterious package has arrived, the little green inside has only one request – CANDY!

The gameplay of Cut the Rope:

In this game, you must find a way to cut those dangling ropes that hold candies so that they falls into your game’s monster’s mouth. You’ll also need to collect stars on the way down. The more stars you receive and the quicker you accomplish a level, the more points you’ll earn.
New enemies are likely to pop-up, and the stars start to disappear if you aren’t getting to them quickly enough. And then there are the spiders, who steal your candy if you’re not precise enough!
Cut the Rope is currently offering a total of four worlds to play through which include the cardboard box, foil box, fabric box, and the gift box. To unlock those boxes, you’ll need to collect a specific amount of stars so to gain access to that world.

Cut the Rope_APK Download_Androidapkcloud.comCut the Rope_APK Download_Androidapkcloud.com

You can blaze through some levels but collecting the stars makes it a bit more difficult. If trying to get all three stars within each level, it can prove somewhat tricky after you get a good way into the 2nd box.
As you get further into the Cut the Rope, you’re likely to see and encounter new enemies out to steal Om Nom’s candy. There will be more obstacles and more gestures to learn. Also, some levels will require cutting ropes simultaneously or in rapid succession to avoid breaking your candy or letting it fall.
Overall, the gameplay requires precision and occasionally quick reflexes – especially since new challenges like blowers, spikes, balloons, and electrical currents are quickly added to the basic rope-cutting formula. The challenges are likely to get harder as the levels progress.
The difficulty level of the game is pretty decent, and the length is also good for the price you’re paying!

Notable features of the Cut the Rope Game App:

1- 17 boxes with 425 levels.
2– Adorable character
3- Outstanding graphics
4- Innovative physics gameplay
5- Superpowers
6- “Om Nom Stories” animation shorts.

Things you can learn from the Cut the Rope:-

Cut the Rope_APK Download_Androidapkcloud.com

You can connect the gameplay to the physics of everyday life, such as the effects of gravity on bulky items vs. floating objects like the bubbles.
> You can conduct the real-life experiences by using the objects of different weights connected to the string and observe how motion affects them.
If you’re in the market looking for a good strategy game that requires a little thinking, then Cut the Rope may be a right option for you. It is likely to keep you busy for a reasonable amount of time and price.

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