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Conference Caller APK Download for Android Phones

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At present age, smartphones have been so improved that anyone can speak in his/her natural voice with another across any part of the globe. Most of the time, word conference used to be something that merely business magnates used to use, people with generally high rankings in the business sector. Fortunately, there’s a VoIP appConference Caller’ which lets you create an instant conference call with anyone you like including your associates, business partners, or just a newcomer who needs to be told what to do. The Conference Caller makes all of this possible at virtually no cost at all.
Conference Caller - androidapkcloud.com (2)A smart app from the Sweden, Conference Caller works like a general phone book and lets you start a phone meeting with a mere “one click.” Each item in the phone book comprises of name, conference code and the optional pin. Whenever it’s the time to dial into a call, you can press the phone book item from your list, and the app will dial the phone number to your conference service and conference code plus the optional pin code.
The winner in terms of simplicity & straightforwardness, Conference Caller is such an easy tool to use that avoid you from making the tiring effort of manually entering lots of conference codes (DTMF tones) to join or initiate a mobile phone conference call/meeting. However, it’s important not to mix it up with “three-way or multi-party calling” which is often linked to “conference call” mistakenly.

Conference Caller - androidapkcloud.com (2) Conference Caller - androidapkcloud.com (2)
By using the Conference Caller, a user will receive the following features:
1- No limit on conference call objects you include.
2- Quick meeting support
3- The instant start of own conference in the toolbar.
4- Likelihood to describe the character send after and before conference code & PIN are send.
5- Statistics over your group calls.
While using the app, you’ll be happy to learn that Conference Caller is a mobile app that makes conferencing a real cool breeze.
Download the APK file here.

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