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Card-To-Contact Card Reader APK Download For Smart Phones

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Vanished from the modern desk are most paper documents, but still, there’s one paper product that just won’t die: The business card. However, if you’re like someone who collects a pocket full of business cards, but never has a chance to enter the collection of cards into his contacts, then what will happen after a business event? Probably you will go back to one of your contacts and have to start searching through the piles. Isn’t there a better way to do this? Luckily, there’re Android apps that can do this task for you, and Card-To-Contact Card Reader is one of them. Offered by Akhma Mobile, Card-to-Contact Card Reader helps you stay on top of your business card stash by efficiently digitizing them and putting the relevant Info to your virtual Rolodex, i.e., your contacts list.

CardToContact Card Reader - androidapkcloud.com (2)
An easy-to-use business card reader, Card-to-Contact let you digitize your paper contacts and help you reach back out in seconds. It typically takes a photo of your card and performs optical character recognition (OCR) on the image so to translate the contents to editable text. It then adds that information to the apps’ database, into your phone’s contact list or both. When using the Card-to-Contact Reader app, a user will experience the below-mentioned tools & features:
1- Scan business cards
2- The contact information will get saved to one or more accounts on your device accurately & quickly.
3- Add notes to cards
4- Tablet optimized user-interface
5- For you to never lose your contacts, the Card-to-Contact backup your cards and take your contact data with you.
6- Send or share card images with others.
7- Create & assign various labels to your cards such as Gmail labels.

CardToContact Card Reader - androidapkcloud.com (2)Some of the other highlights of Card-to-Contact Card Reader app include quick scanning & character recognition, 20+ language support, scan & store both sides of the card, send group emails to your contacts and option to maintain social and IM contacts.
When using the app, all your data (business cards & contacts) stay local to your Tablet or Phone with no chance of losing. Also, there’re no network data transfer costs to transfer image. As revealed by the developers, the app keeps you data personal and doesn’t share it with other users. Your data goes with you everywhere you go since you can export all card data, even if you decide not to use the app at any point.
Download Card-to-Contact Card Reader APK here.

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