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Block Puzzle – Wooden Legend Mod APK

The description of Block Puzzle – Wooden Legend Mod APK

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If you like solving puzzles for time killing enjoyment, you can do that in a better way by playing the Block Puzzle – Wood Legend.

What’s unique about Block Puzzle – Wood Legend?

It has a simple yet addictive puzzle gameplay which involves dragging and dropping the wooden blocks to complete a perpendicular or horizontal line. Once the line is formed, it will disappear freeing up space for other blocks.

What’s special about “dragging and dropping” block in Block Puzzle?

In this game, you are provided with an opportunity to unlock your brain and test your skills by completing the fun and challenging puzzles.

Things to remember when playing Block Puzzle – Wooden Legend:

1- There’s no time limit or stress factor in the game. What that means is you will find it fun and relaxing no matter of what age you are.
2- The gameplay is 100% free and playable offline. Hence, you can play it anywhere for as long as you want!
3- When solving puzzles in Block Puzzle, you better keep filling up the lines to empty the grid and build the highest score!

A quick glance on the available features of Block Puzzle – Wood Legend:

1- Fun & challenging:
This game is both amazing and thought-provoking for mobile gamers.
2- Relaxing:
You can play it without any type of time limits, so you’ll find it super cool and relaxing.
3- Time killer:
Whether you are a 13-year boy or a 40-year mature person, you can play this game in spare times as a good time killer.

best puzzle game for Android
4- Mind-stimulating puzzles:
The game makes you solve the given dilemmas in such a way, which can boost both your mind and skills!


The exciting puzzles of the game can quickly freshen your mind through giving hours of fun and enjoyment!

How you can download the Block Puzzle – Wooden Legend:

It can be downloaded straight from the Google store. However, if you want Block Puzzle in the APK, then you can get it by clicking the below-given APK link.

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Block Puzzle – Wooden Legend Mod APK
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Block Puzzle – Wooden Legend Mod APK
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