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Top Ten Best Themes for Android – Free Launchers apps APK

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For Android, a user can quickly change the whole look of home screens, keyboards, settings menus and rest of the items.
There are various ways in which one can effortlessly make his or her Android look more incredible and magnificent. As a user, you can select any of the widely popular Android theme applications which can help you transform the look of your smartphone devices.

What themes do for Android?

The main thing is that styles & themes on Android let you separate the details of your app design from the phone’s UI structure. For instance, a theme is a type of style that’s applied to an entire, activity, app, or view hierarchy – not just an individual view. Moreover, themes can apply styles to non-viewable elements as well. These elements include the window background and the status bar.

Why use third-party themes for Android?

Over the last couple of years, Android themes have evolved at a much faster rate than ever before. In recent times, app development for smartphones has changed a lot, and today there’re so many apps that provide users the option to redesign the look of their Android devices.
To alter the look of smartphones as per your personal preferences, you better download an Android theme app.
Theming for your Android can be done by applying various components from the below-given theme apps for Android phones and tablets.

A look at the top ten best themes for Android:

10- Themer:

top ten best theme app for android www.androidapkcloud.com
Stands tenth in the list of best theme apps for Android, Themer is just incredible service that enables the users to easily download and apply tons of subjects to make smartphones or tablets look stylish and customizable!
Using Themer is quite simple, and all you require to do is to browse your desirable elements and click on the download button. Once you download these elements, you can then apply them as per your convenience!
Overall, you can say that Themer is one of the most extensively used mobile theme managers that allows you to take your smartphone on new heights of styles & design!
For more information and APK LINK of Themer, click here!
9- Go Launcher:

go launcher apk www.androidapkcloud.com
It’s an app with its own distinct UI, which is much more colorful than the stock one. It has the theme store from which you can pick any of your favorite one from the available over 10,000 subjects along with transition effects, widgets, and wallpapers.
To help your device to run even faster & smoother, Go Launcher also offers some additional features like App locker, booster, and cleaner!
For more information and APK LINK of Go Launcher, click here!
8- Wallpapers HD:

wallpapers hd www.androidapkcloud.com
Our eighth app in the list of best themes for Android is Wallpapers HD from WallpapersCraft. This application is known to beautify your smartphones with high-definition pictures. Also, it makes you save the battery from draining too fast.
Overall, Wallpapers HD could be used as the best theme app for your Androids.
For more information and APK LINK of Wallpapers HD, click here!
7- UCCW:

uccw apk www.androidapkcloud.com
The seventh most widely-used Android theming app is the UCCW – Ultimate Custom Widget. The app is a widget that lets you place battery meters, weather info, custom clocks, and anything else right on your phone’s home screen.
There’re a sheer number of skins already available on UCCW, with more are being added all the time!
For more information and APK LINK of UCCW, click here!
6- Tapet:

tapet apk www.androidapkcloud.com
Stands sixth in the list of best themes for Android, Tapet is unique in offering theming subjects. Instead of having a vast library of beautiful wallpapers, it randomly generates them with one of its many patterns!
With Tapet, you can select from any of the over 100 patterns to generate a wallpaper of your likes!
For more information and APK LINK of Tapet, click here!
5- Nova Launcher:

nova launcher apk www.androidapkcloud.comOne of the most used launcher for Android is Nova Launcher by TeslaCoil Software. Using that launcher can bring to you the stability, innovation, and other top-notch features!
Nova Launcher is highly customizable, and you can make it look pretty much however you want. You can customize the icon packs, colors, sub-grid positioning, and animations. Moreover, you can also get a plug-in that adds notification badges on your Android apps.
For more information and APK LINK of Nova Launcher, click here!
4- KWGT:

kwgt kustom widget maker apk www.androidapkcloud.com
The Custom Widget Pro Key (KWGT) is one of the best themes for Android devices. Using that application is likely to enable you to make your smartphone looks even magnificent than before.
Known to be the most potent widget creator ever, KWGT lets you create unique designs for your smartphone home screens.
While you are using the Custom Widget Pro Key, you’re likely to get multiple options, including analog clocks, live map widgets, weather widgets, memory meters, sophisticated battery, world clock, music player, more.
For more information and APK LINK of KWGT, click here!
3- Evie Launcher:

evie launcher apk www.androidapkcloud.com
The third fantastic app in the list of best theme apps is the Evie Launcher from Evie Labs. Being a very customizable tool, it enables you to add custom grinds to your dock. Also, you can use it to eliminate icon labels for a more minimal design and look.
Overall, Evie Launcher is a versatile tool which apart from offering the multiple theming options also lets you call an Uber or find direction to reach a destination.
For more information and APK LINK of Evie Launcher, click here!
2- Chrooma Live Wallpaper:

chrooma llive wallpaper apk www.androidapkcloud.com
The 2nd best Android theming app is the Chrooma Live Wallpaper. This app has many unique features, and one of them is the option for Android Marshmallow material design!
Another key advantage of using the Chrooma is that it will never bother you with a plethora of animated characters that are more likely to drain your phone’s battery. That’s the way, it exhibits the beauty of minimalism!
For more information and APK LINK of Chrooma Live Wallpaper, click here!
1- Action Launcher:

action launcher apk www.androidapkcloud.com
One of the greatest ways to start theming the Android is by using the Action Launcher which comes with an auto-customization option for changing the colors of launcher from the colors on phone’s wallpapers.
With Action Launcher, you’ll get Android customization features, including app shortcuts, smart-sized icons, a quick bar, adaptive icon support, an inbuilt weather widget, and elements from the Google pixel Launcher.
For more information and APK LINK of Action Launcher, click here!


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